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Friday 21 october 2011 5 21 /10 /Oct /2011 15:41

11183Col du TourmaletPeople familiar with the Tour de France will know that the most famous climb during the race is through the mountain pass called the Col du Tourmalet.  11185 Panorama, Col du TourmaletMore than any other pass, it has been included in the race the most number of times since 1910 when the Tour de France introduced stages winding through the Pyrénées.  At 2,115 meters above sea level, it is the highest road in the Central Pyrénées.  From east to west, the length of the road is 36.2 kilometers long and quite a challenge for any cyclist.  11184 Col du Tourmalet copy - CopyFortunately, this is as close as I got to using a bicycle on the mountain!  11178 Col du Tourmalet11181 Col du Tourmalet11182 Col du TourmaletThe views from either side of the summit are amazing.  During my visit, the clouds came in and out creating a sea of white cotton amidst the jagged peaks.  11180 Col du TourmaletBesides the wonderful view, there also is a memorial to Octave Lapize, the first rider to ever cross the Col du Tourmalet in 1910.  Since then, professionals and amateurs alike conquer the Col du Tourmalet each day.

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