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  • De captivants à banals, les articles et photographies de “The Baguette” sont une tentative de publier un journal de ma vie dans la Manche et de proposer un forum de discussion pour tout ce qui touche à la Normandie.
  • De captivants à banals, les articles et photographies de “The Baguette” sont une tentative de publier un journal de ma vie dans la Manche et de proposer un forum de discussion pour tout ce qui touche à la Normandie.


June 30 2014 2 30 /06 /June /2014 09:19

Another beautiful weekend in La Manche ! Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. On Saturday, I went for another short hike around the town of Lestre. 021 LestreThis particular hike was called Randonnée le circuit du Bouillon which roughly translates as the walk around the boiling rapids--an interesting name since there are no rapids to be seen along the streams you have to cross and they are certainly not boiling. 003 Église Saint-Martin, Lestre004 Église Saint-Martin, LestreThe hike begins in Lestre at the foot of the church of St-Martin, with a typical Normandy saddleback bell tower and doorways that date from the 13th century. 019 Église Saint-Martin, Lestre011 Église Saint-Martin, LestreInside is a triple aisle nave with two side chapels. 010 Église Saint-Martin, LestreI thought the baptismal font was one of the most interesting pieces since it was intricately carved and adorned with quotes from the Bible. 014 Église Saint-Martin, LestreAbove the choir is a “pouter de gloire” or rood screen which separates the main altar from the rest of the church. 015 Église Saint-Martin, LestreAbove the main altar is a wonderful oil painting of the Three Wise Men at the Nativity. On either side are statues of Saint-Martin and Saint John the Baptist. 012 Église Saint-Martin, Lestre017 Église Saint-Martin, LestreI couldn’t find any more information about the church but as you can see, it has several nice chapels: one dedicated to the Virgin and another to Saint-Martin. 018 Église Saint-Martin, LestreThere is also a stained glass window from 1927 created in the workshops of Charles Lorin from Chartes. 006 Lestre020 LestreAcross the street is the hôtel de ville with its newly restored arches. 023 Lestre024 LestreThe hiking path takes you through farmers’ fields along poorly kept paths lined with wildflowers and weeds. 029 Lestre025 Château de Tourville, Lestre051 Château de Tourville, LestreAt times, one can get a fairly decent view of the Tourville castle, a private residence built in the 18th century by Jean-Louis Avice de Tourville . 071 La motte féodale, Lestre069 La motte féodale, LestreJust 400 meters away along a path marked private property is the most important motte féodale (motte-and-bailey castle) in Normandy. It dates from the 10th century and is in need of some restoration—the roof has collapsed and it is covered with vines. 035 Passerelle sur la Sinope, LestreAt one point, you have to cross a river called la Sinope which empties into the sea at Quinéville. 036 La Sinope, LestreJust beside the passerelle is another stone bridge which was also marked as private property. 041 LestreIt is still too early in the summer to see roadways and country lanes full of foxglove, but there are a few areas where they are starting to bloom. 043 Le Moulin du Rey, Lestre046 Le Moulin du Rey, Lestre057 Lestre058 LestrePassing the Moulin de Rey, there are several old manor houses and stone farm buildings. 061 LestreWhat do you think of my new shirt ? I bought it on Friday at H&M during sales week--got a whole new summer wardrobe for under 90 Euros ! 067 Ruisseau du Bouillon, LestreThe trickiest part of the walk is a 200 meter stretch along the la Sinope where the path is actually just a trek along the riverside through mud and overgrown shrubs. 074 Pont-Bleu, Ruisseau du Bouillon, LestreThis last bridge is called le pont bleu but its name has nothing to do with the color blue. By the time I finished walking, it was almost 2pm and I was getting rather hungry. Fortunately, I packed a lunch with me and decided to drive to the old ruins of the Chapelle St-Michel where I sat and had my lunch. 081 Chapelle St-Michel, LestreThe chapel of Saint-Michel is actually a ruin from the first third of the 12th century. 082 Chapelle St-Michel, LestreThe chapel depended on the abbey of Blanchelande and was first mentioned in writings from 1160. 090 Chapelle St-Michel, Lestre091 Chapelle St-Michel, LestreAfter the French Revolution, it was sold and its remaining stones were looted. 084 Chapelle St-Michel, Lestre085 Chapelle St-Michel, Lestre096 Chapelle St-Michel, Lestre095 Chapelle St-Michel, LestreThe apse decorated with corbels of animal and human faces. 101 Chapelle St-Michel, LestreThese are two of the broken arches that formed the aisle. 086 Chapelle St-Michel, LestreThis is a statue of the Holy Trinity. Within the transept is a Gothic chapel with several statues including those of St-Côme and St-Damien as well as a recumbent effigy along one of the walls. 088 Chapelle St-Michel, Lestre087 Chapelle St-Michel, LestreOther statues are only fragments such as this one of St-Jacques. 102 Chapelle St-Michel, Lestre104 Chapelle St-Michel, LestreThrough a small window in the apse, one has a good view of the sea. This same window is formed with stones laid out in a pattern called arête-de-poisson, or fish bones.

092 Chapelle St-Michel, Lestre

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