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  • The Baguette
  • De captivants à banals, les articles et photographies de “The Baguette” sont une tentative de publier un journal de ma vie dans la Manche et de proposer un forum de discussion pour tout ce qui touche à la Normandie.
  • De captivants à banals, les articles et photographies de “The Baguette” sont une tentative de publier un journal de ma vie dans la Manche et de proposer un forum de discussion pour tout ce qui touche à la Normandie.


April 11 2011 2 11 /04 /April /2011 12:16

001 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLEYesterday marked the consecration of the new altar of the parish church in Urville-Nacqueville.  Other liturgical pieces were also blessed.  More information about the renovation project and photos can be found at the parish website.041 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE  002 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE003 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE005 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE004 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE006 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE007 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE009 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLEThe new liturgical furniture included the new tabernacle and lamp, paschal candle stand, baptismal font, chairs for celebrants and altar servers, pulpit, and a beautiful ambo and altar made of Carrera marble and glass.  017 Daniel JAMELOT, Stanislas LALANNE et Serge LEMIEREFr. Daniel JAMELOT along with our Curé, Serge LEMIERE assisted our bishop, Stanislas LALANNE in performing the special duties of the blessings and the Mass.  Let’s not forget Deacon Benoît PITON and the assistance he gave during the blessing of the altar!  010 Mireille BOUCHARDMireille BOUCHARD, gave the first reading from the Old Testament.  013 Chantal ILLIENChantal ILLIEN who gave the second reading followed her.  015 Joël TESSONFinally, Deacon Joël TESSON read the Gospel.  Several artists including metal craftsman, Martial BESNIER, woodcrafters and gilders, Bernard and Solange DELAVAL, and architect Mireille BOUCHARD, designed the pieces.  Stonemasons Phillipe GRIOT and his son Etienne created the altar and the pulpit.  The seats for the presiding celebrants were created by Monsieur CRANGA, artisan.      011 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE019 Bernard HÉCQUETBernard HÉQUET sealed relics of several local saints including Ste-Marie Madeleine POSTEL and Blessed Thomas HÉLYE of Biville inside the altar during the ceremony while members of the choir and Father Yann DESWARTE sang the Litany of the Saints.  025 Christophe FEREY et Yann DESWARTETheir voices were sublime and, at times, almost angelic.  Everything about the morning was perfect.  020 Stanislas LALANNE, Serge LEMIERE et Christophe FEREY023 Stanislas LALANNE et Serge LEMIERE024 Stanislas LALANNE et Serge LEMIEREThe temperatures were warm, the sun was shining and everyone gathered were in high spirits.  027 Jacques LEMIERE, Jean-Claude HUE, Louis DESCHAMPS, ParfHere we see other celebrants who participated in the ceremonies : Fr Gilbert LEMERE, Fr. Jean-Claude HUE, Fr. Louis DESCHAMPS, Fr. Parfait LOUTHE, and Fr. Christophe FEREY. 028 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLEThe parishes of Saint Clair and Our Lady of the Assumption are close-knit and everyone is very friendly and polite.  The last part of the service was devoted to honoring certain parishioners for their many years of service.  037 André PASQUIERHere is a photo of my friend André PASQUIER who received a bronze medal and certificate.  Congratulations !   030 Stanislas LALANNE033 Serge LEMIERE034 Parfait LOUTHE032 Yann DESWARTEAfter the service, drinks and snacks were served underneath a large tent beside the church.  035 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE036 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE038 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLELater on, there was a luncheon at the Maison Familiale organized by Marie HÉCQUET and other members of the parish council.  040 Stanislas LALANNE044 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE043 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE042 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE046 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE045 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLEThere was a great turnout and the food was delicious.  Thanks to everyone involved and peace be with you.128a ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE, La Manche Libre - 15Presse de la Manche - 12 avril 2011039 ÉGLISE D’URVILLE-NACQUEVILLE

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